Winky Blue Goes Wild! by Pamela JaneWinky Blue Goes Wild!Illustration from Winky Blue Goes Wild! by Pamela Jane
Written by Pamela Jane
Illustrated by Debbie Tilley
Mondo Publishing, 978-159034-588-7, hardcover
Ages 6-10

When a royal jewel is stolen from a famous museum, Rosie is sure Winky can find it-until he disappears inside the huge cavernous museum. Has Winky taken a trip back to the dinosaur age? Rosie hopes not-because that would mean Winky Blue is extinct!

About the Book
Something that helped me write this book was discovering that modern birds are related to dinosaurs–something most kids know but that I had no idea of.

My daughter, Annelise, came into New York with me to do research at the American Museum of Natural History, and she was a great help! It wasn’t only seeing the displays, but the little things like the animal footprints on the floor, leading to the lunch room that helped me create the atmosphere for the story.
Illustraton from Winky Blue Goes Wild! by Pamela Jane
Of course, as in all the Winky Blue books, Rosie dreams that Winky will become famous–nd even have his statue carved at Mount Rushmore with the four great Presidents!


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