Winky Blue Forever by Pamela Jane"Winky Blue Forever
Written by Pamela Jane
Illustrated by Debbie Tilley
Mondo Publishing, 1-57255-624-2, paperback
Ages 6-10

When Winky Blue is chosen to make a television ad for Wags ‘n’ Whisker’s Super Birdseed Treat, Rosie is in the clouds over Winky Blue’s star status. Everything is rainbows and blue skies for the lovable parakeet and his ambitious owner, until Winky flies out of the sunroof of a limousine on the New Jersey Turnpike. Rosie will go to any lengths to bring Winky home again–even over the rainbow…

Illustration from Winky Blue Forever by Pamela JaneAbout the Book
I like to do first-hand research for all of my books. So I decided that in order to write about Rosie going up in a hot air balloon–and to sound like I knew what I was talking about–I needed to go up in a hot air balloon myself. Here I go!

Pamela Jane in a hot air balloon                Pamela Jane at a school visit

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