Way to Go, Winky Blue! by Pamela JaneWay To Go, Winky Blue!
Written by Pamela Jane
Illustrated by Debbie Tilley
Mondo Publishing, 59034-388-3, hardcover
Ages 6-10

When Rosie and her friends read that the stars of the popular “Royal Rascals” television series come to town, Rosie is sure she can win Winky a guest spot on the show. But a deeply-held secret and a royal surprise threaten to destroy her plans. Will loyal, royal, Winky Blue come through?

About the Book
Way to Go, Winky Blue! was a really fun story to write. Some of the plot elements I used in the story are:

Pockets, a celebrity dog with a missing diamond collar

A box turtle who helps prevent Rosie’s house from being bull-dozed for a new road:
Box TurtleBulldozer

And Rosie’s aunt’s red velvet party dress – that Rosie (accidentally) cuts up to make a royal red cape for Winky Blue:
Red dress

To find out how I combined all these different plot elements to write a fun and fast-paced story, read Way to Go, Winky Blue!

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