Take a Bow, Winky Blue! by Pamela JaneTake a Bow, Winky Blue!
Written by Pamela Jane
Illustrated by Debbie Tilley
Mondo Publishing, 1-57255-550-5, paperback
Ages 6-10

American Booksellers Association ‘Pick of the List’

Rosie is as determined as ever to turn her lovable parakeet into a star. When Winky Blue wins a Blue ribbon, it looks as though her dream will come true-until he disappears in a magic show, for real! With Winky Blue gone, it will to take more than smoke and mirrors to bring the magic back into Rosie’s life!

Illustration from Take a Bow, Winky Blue! by Pamela JaneReviews
“This whimsical tale is about a little girl determined to have her pet parakeet, Winky Blue, become a star like Lassie. With lots of practice and the right task, Winky Blue can do anything, or can he? Young pet owners will relate to Rosie’s dilemma. There are lots of laughs and a few sad moments that all lead to a very happy ending.”— American Bookseller’s Association

School Activities
In these six books Rosie is always scheming to turn her parakeet into a hero and a star with funny and sometimes disastrous results. In the end Rosie realizes her love for Winky Blue is more important than fame-until the next book, that is!

In Take a Bow Winky Blue! Winky disappears in a magic show and the magician can’t bring him back again. Ask each student to perform a simple magic trick, and then write a short skit or story about what might happen if the trick misfired!

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Illustration from Take a Bow, Winky Blue! by Pamela Jane

Take a Bow, Winky Blue! in Spanish

Also available in Spanish!