No Way, Winky Blue! by Pamela JaneNo Way, Winky Blue!
Written by Pamela Jane
Illustrated by G. Brian Karas
Mondo Publishing, 1-57255-138-0, paperback
Ages 6-10
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First in the Winky Blue series!
Rosie has high ambitions for her new parakeet, Winky Blue. She plans to train him to become a hero and perform feats of bravery and courage, like Lassie. But what will Rosie do if Winky Blue turns out to be just an ordinary parakeet? No Way, Winky Blue is a warm and funny story from my childhood.

Pamela and Winky Blue

This is the only photograph I have of me as a child with Winky Blue, sitting on top of his cage.

About the Book
When I was a little girl, I took all my money out of the bank (eight dollars!) and bought a parakeet.  I called him Winky Blue because he was a pretty blue color and he had bright black eyes that winked at me. I was thrilled to have a pet of my own and headed off to our local library in search of a book about the adventures of a little girl and her pet parakeet.  I wanted a story about a parakeet who would be a hero, like Lassie, the famous TV collie. Winky Blue would catch crooks, I imagined, save people from drowning, and carry urgent messages in his beak. When I failed to find any books about an heroic parakeet (or even an ordinary one) I bought a small spiral notebook and began writing my own. This was the beginning of my life as an author, and the seed of an idea that eventually grew into the Winky Blue series.

In the six books in the Winky Blue series, Rosie is always scheming to turn her parakeet into a hero and a star with funny and sometimes disastrous results. But in the end she always comes to realize that her love for Winky Blue is more important than fame-until the next book, that is!

School Activities
Winky Blue was a real and important part of my growing up, and contributed to my love of making up stories. Have the children write a story about their own pets, or a pet they wish they owned. The story can be written from the child’s point of view, or from the pet’s point of view, or both.

Designate a special day as “Pet Day” when the children bring their pets to school and read stories they have written with their own pet as the main character. This day will be a lasting memory and motivate the children to write a unique story about a pet that has special meaning in their lives.

Illustration from No Way, Winky Blue!
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Illustration from No Way, Winky Blue!

No Way, Winky Blue! Spanish cover

Also available in Spanish!