Monster CountdownMonster Countdown
Written by Pamela Jane
Illustrated by Nick Zarin-Ackerman
Mondo Publishing, 1-58653-857-8, hardcover
Ages 3-7

A kooky spooky counting book brought to vibrant life by Nick Zarin-Ackerman’s delightful, zany monsters. Little ones will howl with laugher when they see the monsters’ antics!

ReviewsIllustration from Monster Countdown by Pamela Jane
“Monsters you can count on…more goofy than scary, these monsters frolic, tumble and flip, and have lopsided grins and crayon teeth…these monsters are friendly playmates!”
— Books Editor, Associated Press, New York

“I never ever fear the dark
Not even for a minute-
Because I know I’m not alone
With all my monsters in it!”