C Jumped Over Three Pots and a Pan–And Landed SMACK in the Garbage Can
Written by Pamela Jane
Illustrated by Hina Imtiaz
HarperCollins Children’s Books
978-0764357954, hardcover
Ages K-3
Paperback due out soon!
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“C kicked and wiggled
and let out a shout,

“Hey, someone help me,
I can’t get out!”

When the letter C falls into the garbage can, it’s up to the rest of the alphabet to save him from ending up in the dump! In this rollicking, action-filled story, the letters of the alphabet must work together to help their friend. But four letters of the alphabet are missing! Could they be the answer to saving C? This unique book brings language and storytelling to life for young readers as they try to guess the secret word the missing letters form―a word that may save the day for poor C. An adventure, a puzzle, and a word game, this suspenseful story is a delightful approach to letters and words.

"Spot-on rhyme and meter create a fast-moving mystery in which the alphabetical sequence becomes the basis of a charming chain of events leading to C’s rescue. Brightly colored and easily recognizable letters, adorned with facial features and a well-chosen accessory or two, stand out against uncluttered backgrounds of humorous scenes and activities…A nifty caper showcasing teamwork, letter recognition, and word formation."&mndash;Kirkus Reviews

"Just when you thought there couldn’t be anything new in alphabet books, along comes C Jumped Over Three Pots and a Pan to give us a completely new and quirky take on learning letters. Kids will love the predicament C finds itself in and the hijinks that follow."—Elvira Woodruff, children’s author

"For pre-readers, understanding that letters make up words is an abstract concept. Author Pamela Jane and illustrator Hina Imtiaz make that idea delightfully concrete. This is a rollicking story of friendship among alphabet pals who band together to solve the dilemma of one of their own."—Mary-Kate Mackey, author, Write Better, Right Now–The Reluctant Writer’s Guide to Confident Communication and Self-assured Style